Karen Bird

Karen Bird



Karen Bird is Associate Professor of Political Science at McMaster University. She specializes in comparative politics, with particular focus on gender and ethnic diversity and the political representation of women and ethnic minorities in countries around the world. Dr. Bird teaches teaches courses in Comparative Politics, the Politics of Multiculturalism, Immigration, Gender and Politics, Research Design and Methods. She has been a visiting research fellow at several European research centres, including the Centre d’Informatisation des Données Socio-Politiques (CIDSP) in Grenoble, France, the Academy for Migration Studies in Aalborg (AMID), Denmark, and the Unité de Recherches Migrations et Société (URMIS) in Paris, France. She has also taught political science courses at the Instituts d’Etudes Politiques in Grenoble and Lille.

Dr. Bird was awarded an SSHRC research grant (2009-2011) for her project “Comparing Ethnic Minority Representation Across Parliamentary Democracies.” She has recently published a book from that project (co-edited with Thomas Saalfeld and Andreas Wüst): The Political Representation of Immigrants and Minorities: Voters, Parties and Parliaments in Liberal Democracies(Routledge 2011).